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About Stephworx

Giving Attention, sharing joy! That´s Stephworx.
By following that passion, that light, she also likes to enlight other suns.
“The plural of guts is life”..her motto! The need to express herself more authentically and to go for her passion, she started in 1997 as a Living Statue and play different characters.
She gained more and more experience in improvisational theatre.
She has developed that further, in particular she went for stilts theatre and dance.

For years she worked for various (stilts) theatre groups, but the need to express in her own way, with spheres and costume, game and magic, she dared to take all that experience in 2011 to start her own business, and learned skills in making costumes, and develop in the whole process of becoming Stephworx.
In the meantime she has designed and produced diverse (especially stilt) acts which she gives performances national and international.

She has gathered a team of professional performers with whom she performs her acts. Together with the audience and the improvisation game, they create a stimulating visual world with interaction. Guaranteed a magical and special sphere.

New, also larger productions are in the pipeline, in which the deepening and broadening of all theatrical aspects are sought.

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